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Huizhou Sanhe IOT Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a comprehensive packaging service provider of high quality products and services such as paper packaging, molded pulp packaging, flexible packaging, packaging design, etc. The company's major customers include industries of electronic communications, intelligent terminals, alcohol, cosmetics, food and beverages, clothing,medical supplies and others. 
Sanhe Packaging company constantly updates and upgrades advanced production equipment and technology, while integrating the packaging supply chain, attaches importance to talent training, aims to provide customers with convenient overall packaging value-added services, and strives to exceed customer expectations for quality, price, service and effectiveness, and enhance the value of products. It is expected that through technological transformation and expansion and mergers and acquisitions in the next few years, the company's output value can continue to grow and strive to become the most influential green enterprise in the industry.


The printing options include offset printing,flexo printing,digital printing and silk screen printing. With our advanced machines, we can achieve 95% match to artwork file by printing color management.


We are dedicated to a greener world and have been insisting to use recyclable materials.Let’s work together for a green and healthy environment.


Our box packagings are made through the efforts of our highly collaborative team. Each team member takes his or her own task seriously and professionally. Our company has a workflow system to ensure each production processing and product quality.

We are working to make it easier and secure for delivery box packaging to our customers,especially for some customers who never imports from China. We’re able to help you get a best shipping solution to your destination securely and as much cost-effective as possible.

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Sanhe packaging cherish the relationship with all clients. We are committed to help customers elevate their brand value with our quality box packaging solution.
Stringent Quality Control
Stringent Quality Control
Our company takes quality as the life of our business success and have stringent quality control system to ensure our products are well made. We have been continually improving the quality of our products and services to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers.
One-stop Custom Packaging Solution
One-stop Custom Packaging Solution
As a comprehensive packaging service provider,we supply a wide range of packaging products and you can get a suitable solution for your goal.Also,we have a design team to offer you packaging design service.It’s easier for clients to get quality packaging at the most competitive factory pricing.
Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional Customer Service
Besides our quality products, our team is happy to help customers create packaging easier,comfortably and cost-effectively.We always respond fast and help solve any concerns you may have.Feel free to contact our team whenever you have any questions or concerns.
Hassle-free Logistics
Hassle-free Logistics
Save your time and efforts in shipping. We have reliable forwarders and are able to help you get a suitable shipping solution at the best possible shipping rate.
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Qualified custom
packaging manufacturer

We own some related packaging manufacturing certificates and are qualified to produce and supply box packaging to many companies like you. Join the 2000+ happy customers today.
Certification3 rigid paper box professional manufacturers Certification3 rigid paper box professional manufacturers
Certification2 magnetic paper box quality manufacturer Certification2 magnetic paper box quality manufacturer
Certification1 molded  pulp packaging manufacturer Certification1 molded pulp packaging manufacturer
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