Box / Bag Handles

If you need your box / bag with a carrier function, then you can add a handle to the packaging. Let’s take a look at the major handles as below.

Paper Handle


The benefits of paper handle is eco-friendly,recyclable, light weight and fashionable.Paper handles are mostly used for paper bags. White color paper handle is commonly used but if you need customized color handle,MOQ is 30000pcs.

Plastic Handle

Plastic handles are mostly used in paper box and corrugated box.



Nylon Handle


Nylon handle is used for paper bag,corrugated gift box.


PP leather handle


PP leather handle is a very durable and flexible handle and can bear the most substantial weight among those handles, as it’s made from plastic with leather. It’s applied to heavy duty wine boxes, luxury wine gift boxes and rigid cardboard box.


Oval plastic handle


Oval plastic handle is mostly used for corrugated box side to carry. It’s very economical and useful.

Silk Ribbon handle


Silk Ribbon handle is mostly used for paper bag. All silk ribbon or band can be custom printed according to your request.